jd Hansen


California sculptor JD Hansen specializes in stylized gestures. Her pieces are all about using body language to express a concept. “I don’t give details in the face or fingers or toes, so the gesture has always been my way of communicating what the essence of the piece is about,” she explains. “If the piece needs an arm, I’ll put it there. If it doesn’t, the arm’s not there. If it’s there, it’s either echoing the elongation or counter-balancing it. The elongation allows me to play with it. It gives me the leeway to distort it so I can convey the body gesture.”

Unlike most artists, Hansen uses neither models nor photographs. And rather than sketching, she develops her artworks mostly by writing about them, which helps her to solidify the concept. She then sculpts in hot wax over a metal armature. “The image develops when I’m sculpting,” says Hansen. “When I’m working on a piece, I pour all the energy and thought of what I’ve been writing into the piece. If I do a sketch, it almost always strips away the aliveness of the concept.”

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